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About World of Words

World of Words specializes in translations for companies and individual professionals. With the rise in global trade, foreign-speaking individuals,  companies and government agencies have a high demand for foreign language translation, proofreading, and marketing collateral. World of Words offers translation services for written documents and audio recordings in English, Spanish, and Italian.   We also offer translation services in French, Portuguese, German, and Russian. Our experience ranges from translating business and marketing plans to financial reporting  and more. 

With the new situation in the world after COVID-19, virtual Spanish tutoring and language online classes are in demand, so World of Words offers Spanish  virtual tutoring and Spanish, Italian and English online classes as well.


About The Owner

Ivana Sedia (née Gentile) was born in Argentina, she is half Italian and half Macedonian and she moved to the U.S. with her parents in 1989. She is fluent in Spanish, Italian, and English, and semi-fluent in Macedonian. Ivana attended Dominican University where she received her MBA in management in 2016 and her bachelor degrees in communications and international relations and diplomacy with a minor in Italian in 2011. Throughout her life, Ivana was involved in her family’s businesses and did work such as writing in Spanish and English for a magazine. Her first full-time job was when she worked for the Illinois Secretary of State where she assisted immigrants who do not speak English. After becoming a mother, Ivana decided to leave that job. To keep herself busy and updated, Ivana found herself translating documents and teaching Spanish and Italian on the side. She realized that there was a need for her fast and efficient translating service and a huge interest in learning Spanish and Italian from her surrounding communities, so World of Words was born.